Welcome to my Internet home. My name is Kiren Michael Valjee. I am a fledgling writer in the sense that writing always seems to be a perilous task. I have some idea of where I want to go, I have the tools to take me, but there are so many unpredictable and uncontrollable variables, that it would be silly for me to know exactly where I’ll end up. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in English and Psychology. After a short time trying various adventures and careers, I returned graduate school, completing my Master of Arts degree in English at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. I’ve spent the last five years pursuing a Ph.D. in English at the University of Florida, but recently left the program, unsure if I will return.

I have a number of interests, almost all of which will be indulged in some manner on this website. I see this as a natural extension of myself and so it will cover a number of things that are important to me, including social justice commentary, creative & intellectual pursuits of all kinds, and exploration of the human condition.

You can email me at kirenvaljee@gmail.com and follow me on twitter at valjeelingltd and instagram at valjeelingltd.